Alistaire Smythe is a student at Osborn Academy for Geniuses. He is voiced by Jason Spisak.


The son of Midtown High teacher Spencer Smythe, Alistaire Smythe was also a student of his father. When visiting Oscorp Tower on a field trip, Spencer insisted Alistaire was paired with Harry Osborn, a former Midtown student who had joined the student group for his friend Peter Parker.

When the tour guide asked for volunteers to try out a two-manned robot, Alistair attempted to come forward, but Harry stopped him to suggest Peter and his trip partner Liz Allan went instead, much to Alistaire's annoyance.

He later applied to Osborn Academy for Geniuses, being accepted sometime later.

After Vulture was released from prison and given a teaching position at Osborn Academy, Norman Osborn told him to go to Horizon High to steal the V-252. He refused. However, Alistaire volunteered to do it for him.

At the Stark Expo, Alistaire, Vulture, and a few Osborn Academy students in Vulture suits tried to combat Ghost. But Ghost made their suits malfunction.

Physical Appearance

Alistaire is a teenager with red hair and brown eyes.

Alistaire's usual attires consists of a white collar shirt under a green sweater, dark blue pants, and black shoes.


Like his father, Alistaire is arrogant, stuck up, and harsh. He believes he deserves better than what he gets in Midtown High.


Spencer Smythe

Alistaire and his father are quite alike. Spencer often tries to make his son look good. However, Alistaire respects Norman Osborn as more of a father than Spencer.

Harry Osborn

Alistaire has a dislike for Harry. Most likely because of Harry's father, Norman Osborn. However, Alistaire did respect Harry’s father even more than his own father was.

Powers and Abilities


Genius Intellect

Spider-slayers robots with weapons


Osdorp-Brand Spider Slayers

Vulture gear

Goblin Nation armor

Episodes Appearances

Season 1

Marvel's Spider-Man Origin

Horizon High Part 1 Episode 1

Horizon High Part 2 Episode 2

Osborn Academy Episode 3

Party Animals Episode 5

Symbiotic Relationship Episode 7

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 9


Alistaire Smythe/Gallery


  • This is Alistaire's second animated appearance.
  • It is also the first time the Character has been depicted as a teenager.
  • Unlike other versions of the character Alistaire goal isn't to carry on his fathers legacy.
  • Despite having a dislike of Harry Alistaire appears to have a lot of respect for Norman Osborn
  • it is unknown if he is still a Student after Spider-Girl Ghost -Spider and Spider-Man found out he was a member of the Goblin Nation.
  • Since Peter was re-enrolled into Horizon at the end of Goblin War Part 4 it seems likely that Alistaire no longer goes to Horizon
  • When He's Dad Was Later in Prison and Was Left in Charge of Building More Spider Slayers
  • Like in the Animated Series He Was a Harbour Chair
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