aka Jackson Carroll

  • I live in Wagga Wagga Australian NSW
  • I was born on April 16
  • I am Male
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  • I'd like you to delete the Notes section of the pages. This is because Notes and Trivia are basically the same thing.

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  • I've seen how much you have done for this wiki. I think you would be perfect to look after it since I have so much to do already. How would you like to become an admin?

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    • I Thought 💭 if The Web Warriors Can Be Like Later in Marvel Spider Man After Ultimate Spider Man Oh Well At Least Thell Make it Different. With Later Cindy Moon Slik And Again With Flash Thompson Agent Venom. Then iron Spider Scarlet Spider and Mary Jame Watson  Spider Woman Since The Spider The Red and Blue One This Bits Peter Was Not The Only One. They Where 8 of Rayman Warren The Jacklas 8 Spiders in the Case Til One Got Loose After The Red and  Black One Bits Miles And Later 4 of Them Where in a Machine Under Midtown High Til Harry Took One Out if The Other Ones Are Alive. So Do You Think 🤔 💭 Cindy Moon Can Be Next in Season 3 And Later Became Third Female With Spider 🕷 Powers And Become A 5th Member of The Spider Team As Slik.

      Before or After Flash Thompson Becomes Agent Venom.

      if She Was There All Along As a Horizon High Student  in Cameo And One Said Automatic Update Without Being Named And Later Get Revealed 

      So Which Do You Think if Cindy Moon Has Powers All Along After Getting Bitting By The Same Spider as Peter or if She Have Powers By The Jackals Virus 🦠 Becomes Spider Monsters With Everybody And Later Cured. She Might Have Powers Again As Gwen When She Was Hit By a Bloodgem in a Ray Gun. 🔫 if One of Jackals 8 Spiders  Are Alive and if The Black One ☝️ Can Be For Cindy Moon To Be Bitting On The Ankle Like Once in The Comic.

      After Peter Red and Blue And Miles Red and Black  Where Bitting on The Hand 

      So Have To Wait 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • we want Flash and Andi to keep the symbiote a secret to each other, and maybe we see them as couples.

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  • This show is called Marvel's Spider-Man, not Marvel's Miss Marvel. Not to offend, but I think you would be better off on Marvel Rising.

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