Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel is a teenage superhero, who is also the youngest member of the Avengers. She is Voiced by Kathreen Khavari.


She appears in the episode "School of Hard Knocks" where she was sent by Iron Man to investigate a private school and runs into and team-ups with Spider-Man.

Physical Appearance



Peter Parker / Spider-Man

When They First Met. Ms Marvel Was annoyed at Spider-Man presence because he was intruding on her First Solo Mission at the Bilderberg Academy As They Work Together to Expose the School as front for AIM and Free the Captured Averagers the two grew Closer and Eventually become friends it is imported that Peter may have a Crush on Her

Iron man/ Tony Stark

Miles Morales / Kid Arachnid

Otto Octavius/Superior Spider-Man


The Avengers are Ms. Marvel's Fellow teammates mentors and idols Captain Marvel is Who She Modeled herself after

Episodes Appearances

Season 2


Ms. Marvel/Gallery

Powers and Abilities


  • Shapeshifting/Elasticity
  • Size Alteration:
  • Accelerated Healing Factor




This is The First Time Ms. marvel Has Been Featured As a Teenager Alongside Peter Paker's Spider-Man

Peter's Unsure Feelings Towards Her is a Reference to How Peter and Captain Marvel (When She Was Still Known As Ms Marvel) Had a Brief Relationship in The Comics.

This is The First Time Miles Morales and Ms Marvel Have Met Each Other in Animation.

Due to the Guardians of the Galaxy Episode Back in the New York Groove Which Has Removed Ultimate Spider-Man From the Current Marvel Animated Continuity and Replaced it with this Series this Version of Ms. Marvel Appears To Be The Same One Featured in Avengers Assemble

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