Spencer Smythe is the father of Alistaire Smythe and a former teacher at Midtown High.

History Edit

He went with a group from Midtown High on a field trip to Oscorp Tower.

Later, Spencer hired Scorpion to steal vibranium. Then, he framed Harry Osborn for sabotaging a machine at a lecture at Midtown High which caused Harry to be suspended from Horizon High for an investigation.

The investigation proved that Spencer was the one who sabotaged the machine and was fired, which lead Harry to return to Horizon High, which he declined later on.

The now unemployed Spencer tried to apply for work at Osborn Academy, but was rejected. He later teams up with Raymond Warren to collect genetically enhanced spiders. But as he was leaving, he bumps into Miles Morales and ends up losing one of the spiders from Oscorp. Then, he sees a video of a new Spider-Man (Miles after being bitten). Spencer then goes after Spider-Man in a giant robot. However, his son shows up also in a giant robot to do the same. After the battle, the other Spider-Man defeats Spencer and sends him to jail where he finds Raymond Warren sitting in a cell. Spencer asks how got back into prison to which Raymond answered that he had no idea what he was talking about.

Physical Appearance Edit

Spencer Smythe (Earth-TRN633) from Marvel's Spider-Man Origin Season 1 1 001

Spencer Smythe is an older man with grey hair that forms into a beard and mustache combo and blue eyes. He also wears a pair of glasses.

His attire consists of a white lab coat over a light blue sweater vest with a white shirt, and dark green necktie, dark pants, and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Like his son, Spencer is arrogant, stuck up, and harsh.

Relationships Edit

Alistaire Smythe Edit

Spencer and his son are quite alike. Spencer often tries to make his son look good.

Harry Osborn Edit

Spencer has a dislike of Harry. Most likely because of his father, Norman Osborn.

Raymond Warren Edit

Spencer and Raymond worked together in Midtown before they lost their jobs. Later on, they joined forces to steal genetically Enhanced spiders from Oscrop. When Spencer was arrested, he saw Raymond in prison and wondered how he got there, though Raymond had no idea what he was talking about.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Abilities Edit

Genius Intellect

Appearance Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit


Horizon High Part 1

Horizon High Part 2

Ultimate Spider-Man End Up in Prison

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