Anya Corazon (also known as Spider-Girl) is a student from Horizon High along with Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales and Peter Parker.

History Edit

Anya is a student at Horizon High. She developed a scrambler that can cut the power to anything mechanical and, with it, she helped Spider-Man destroy the Spider-Slayer.

Physical Appearance Edit

Anya Corazon (Earth-TRN633) from Marvel's Spider-Man Season 1 1 001

Anya is a teenage girl with brown hair and brown eyes.

Her usual attire consists of a blue shirt with a light blue star on the chest and a blue stripe on her right arm with a grey bracelet, pale green pants, and shoes.

Personality Edit

Anya takes her studies real seriously. She can also be very intelligent as she was about to create a scrambler.

Relationships Edit

Gwen Stacy Edit

Gwen is Anya's best friend, she, along with Peter and Harry, tried to find and help Gwen when she was turned into a spider monster in "Spider-Island, Part Three", when they found her, Anya attempted to reach out to Gwen and tried to get her to remember that she is her best friend. She's also the only one who knows about Anya keeping her powers from Spider-Island.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales Edit

Anya gets along well with Peter and Miles. As a group, they do research together. She and Gwen Stacy know about Miles being Spider-Man.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Due To The Experiment Cure She Used On Herself Back in the Spider-Island incident Anya Still Has Her Spider Powers.

Manifested Spider Abilities Such As'

Superhuman Strength Edit

Superhuman Speed Edit

Superhuman Agility Edit

Superhuman Reflexes Edit

Superhuman Jump Edit

Wall-Crawling Edit

Organic Webs Edit

The Same Powers As Spider-Man With Organic Webs. 🕸

Abilities Edit

Genius Intellect: Anya is intelligent enough to create a scrambler that can take down the Spider-Slayer. She and Miles also create robots.

Notes Edit


  • This is the first animated appearance of the character.
  • In the comics, she was originally known as Araña before she took on the Spider-Girl identity.
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