Venom (aka. V-252) is a minor Antagonist in Season 1 and the secondary Antagonist of Season 2, and the main antagonist in Season 3.

Season 1 & 2

V-252, formally known as Venom, is a symbiote from the Klyntar race which NASA had discovered while in space. At first no one thought it was actually alive until Spider-Man found it had bonded to him when he couldn't get it off. Later, he found out its main weakness was sonic blasts or just loud sounds in general.

In Season 2, while Eddie Brock is taking pictures of the V-252, the symbiote broke the glass of its container and made Eddie its new host.


Three years before Peter Parker became Spider-Man, NASA donated a substance they discovered to Horizon High for further study. Max Modell named it V-252. When Peter, Miles, Gwen, and Anya were helping stabilize it, the V-252 bonded with its first host, Peter Parker. After he rejected it though, the substance bonded with "King of the Football Field" (Flash Thompson) and became Venom.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3




  • This version of Venom is very similar to the Venom that appears in the 2018 film
  • This Venom is also similar to the one that appeared in Sam Raimi's 2007 film Spider-Man 3. This is as both Eddies have blond hair, hate Jameson, have kidnapped some someone in a taxi cab (though in the Raimi film it was Mary Jane not Aunt May) and both teamed up with Sandman (though in the episode "Web of Venom" they were only holograms)
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